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    “Hiplife musicians are losing contract abroad”- Screwface

    by Flex Newspaper
    posted Monday, 14 June 2010 12:46| 1 Comments

    When it comes to the topic of who is killing the game? Every musician has his or her view on who is to be blamed. Whiles some musicians are blaming producers, others are also blaming DJs and so on.

    In an interview with one of the country`s popular musician, Screw face. He revealed to Flex Newspaper that “many people are complaining that we don't have producers, hiplife is dying and so on, but have they sat down to ask if they are doing music to attract businessmen to invest their money into it?” Screw asked.

    “Let me tell you. Previously when you go abroad, hiplife music was on every top chart but now what do we see. Even the highlife and gospel musicians are getting more gigs than the hiplife musicians abroad”.

    He continued that we still have lots of producers in town but the issue is that the hiplife musicians are not doing good music to attract them to invest into it. “When I say good music, I am not talking about crank music. How can you sing like a Nigerian and expect to get more gigs than them. We just can`t compete them, we also have to do our style” he added.

    When Flex asked him if he will like music fans to identify him as a ragga artiste, he responded that he is a musician doing African music. “What I want Ghanaians to know is that I am not doing Francophone music. I am doing African music.

    When you listen to Gbalagaza, I have a fusion of Twi, Ga and French in it but the fact that I have French language in my music does not make it Francophone”, he continued.

    As to why he has shifted to the Francophone style, he noted that, that is where the money and business functions is and not crank music.

    Talking about his new album which will be produced by Frimprince, he revealed that the title will be "Celebogonlo". Watch out for Screw Face soon.

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