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    Terry Bonchaka still lives - OJ Blaq

    by Daily Guide
    posted Thursday, 10 June 2010 15:30| 1 Comments

    Hiplife artiste OJ Blaq, who is also described as Ghana’s Rick Ross, says his departed friend, Terry Bonchaka, may be dead but the man still lives.

    Terry Bonchaka, known in private life as Terry Adjetey, died in November 2003 in car accident, a few minutes after he performed at the University of Ghana campus, as part of the Akuafo Hall week celebration.

    “I don’t want to believe he is dead, I probably take it as he has travelled far away from us, and he is not coming back to us anytime soon,” OJ, born Andrews Nii Akrashie, said in an interview during his birthday party organized by Lynx Entertainment, on Friday.

    OJ’s first opportunity to perform live on TV as a musician was during a memorial concert organized for Terry Bonchaka. It is therefore not surprising that on his birthday, he decided to use the occasion to talk about his “brother and friend”, whose songs he said gives him inspiration.

    According to him, he knew Terry way back in Adisadel College, and that Terry was his cousin’s classmate.

    “That was how I met him. He is the type who likes to make friends everywhere he goes. He meets you and he likes to chat with you and know your mind, what you think about music and a whole lot. I remembered clearly when we met at the Achimota Club House and he was like ‘Charlie, I have this demo, I want you to listen to it’,” OJ recalled.

    “It is sad that Terry is dead, sometimes I don’t believe it,” he emphasized. OJ, in October last year, launched his debut album, ‘The Biggie Boy Lover’. Apart from the album, he said has got a movie deal coming up, which will give his acting career a boost.

    He however did not talk much about the deal. He only said he will be staring alongside Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson.

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