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    Oheneba PK for Xmas party

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 11 December 2011 18:12| 0 Comments

    For a long time, he has be missing in action. Oheneba PK can be easily linked to show-biz by his good music and stage performances that everyone loves.

    Oheneba PK is famous for songs like 'Full Stop', 'I Love You', 'Wonn Mma Me Nka Bi' featuring Morris Babyface, and his latest 'You are the One', and 'Odo Awo'.

    Oheneba PK has rubbed shoulders with the biggest in the game doing concerts together in the United States such as Daddy Lumba, Kojo Antwi, K. K. Fosu, Castro, Kofi Nti, Kofi B, and other African stars from different countries to mention a few.

    News have gotten to Ghana Music.com that Oheneba PK would be having a live performance in Texas on the 24th of December. This program will be held at the DFW Technology Center which is located at 999 E. Arapaho, Richardson in Texas.

    Ghanaians who have the chance to be in Texas on the 24th of December, it would be great to stop by at this program to enjoy good music, great performances with a lot of giveaways.

    Music at this Christmas Party will be provided by well-known and experienced DJs like DJ Omari, DJ Jerry, and DJ Ziggay. This program is coming to you by courtesy of Mboa Kuw” and tickets are selling very fast in every African Market or shops in Dallas and Richardson.

    Ghana Music.com have worked and monitored Oheneba PK since he emerged into the music scene, and we are confident to tell you that Oheneba Pk will give you a great show because he is well known for not just his music, but his stage performances as well. Anyways, Oheneba PK will be surprising the music industry in 2012 but no one knows exactly what he will be bringing out to the music industry.

    Oheneba PK made it clear to Ghana Music.com during a recent interview that he is working on an album which will be very different from what we have heard from him but wouldn’t comment on the release date. Oheneba PK would feature some major artists already known in the industry on his new album.

    We wish Oheneba good luck and will keep our eyes open and our ears open to the ground for his new album in 2012.

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