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    De' Fresh

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 23 April 2013 09:33| 6 Comments


    For Des Moines's rising star De' Fresh, bringing a positive change into his motherland, state, city, and community had been his goal. He was willing to taking any risk and trying new things.

    This lead him to becoming a multi-talented young artist. He goes from painting pictures with lyrics to designing graphics, editing and directing music videos, and sound engineering.

    De' Fresh describes his music as an inspirational learning material.

    Not a huge fan of country music but his songs are in the same rank of telling stories. Some of those stories can be meaningful and still yet entertaining. "The type of music I chose to listen to will always reflect who I am.”

    Having been involved in Concert Choir, performing in community halls, acting and dancing through his high school career, De' Fresh is no stranger when it comes to performing on stage. “I feel like nothing can hold me back, I can do anything when I'm on stage."

    De' Fresh's career started with writing and his first ever song he recorded. Since middle school everyone knew him as Little Akon up till now. Due to the fact that they felt the blind in his singing voice when he sings Akon's music. He credited Akon as one of his musical influence.

    De' Fresh has plans to perform on bigger stages, and recording with some of his musical influence in the future.

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