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    Lyrics: Religion by Phrimpong

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 28 July 2015 13:50| 0 Comments

    Song: Religion
    Artiste: Phrimpong
    Xxtra Music

    Wanya Lie no?

    Hello my people you are welcomed to the program
    Ebia maky3 but there was traffic in the whole town
    More cars so there's pressure on the road but in all thank God we made it here let's get the show done

    3n3 y3nhw3 yasetam kakra

    Aany3 hwee y3n generation yaniabie kakra

    Anti abosonsom ne saa no)ma ne de3 atwam yatra

    Nso abagyimibr3 no as3 no ne y3n kafra

    Let's take a taught into the reason why there's more evil

    I mean the evil of the people going multiple
    Even the children of todae gettin more ego

    And so the sanity for people seem impossible

    For me I blame it on Religion

    The leaders do anything

    The purpose of the teaching is for money not the message

    Nobody want to listen, to the word,congregation just dey wedge for the )s)fo hy3 menk)m not the message

    Nti )yere a )mmu ne kunu )ne s)fo) no na dware

    )S)fo fa ne s)fo ketewa yere nso waware

    You speak against the act and they see you as satanic Satan nte mu mu a nka mony3 de3 mooy3 no may3nwene

    )s) amee nso maamia mania

    M3dak)m mammfa b)de3 ank)is dan nakyia

    Af)reb) nadane kr)noo gye nk))fo) sika nti ohiani ntumi nas)re a Kofi ne Ama(A type of Offering) ntia

    Worship a pastor like an idol,Hotels nay3gye mpaeb)?

    Wonwaree na woto collection a )dee k)t) ne mma ne sap)

    I think its time we rise up na moma y'ani nna h) na yada aky3 anointing oil pii naa Frytol(a brand of Cooking Oil)

    Believe in God and not the Fake Pastor

    De3 y3sa ne yare3 tv so no is a paid actor

    Miracle Salvation is not the main matter

    So hell awaits us all,this is a wake up call

    Lady 1: De3 wookai wop3s3 wokyer3 s3 mame ntua me tite

    Maf)re3 k) me s)fo h) a mayera mekwan?

    Phrimpong: 3ny3 saa nate3 wafore3 de nhyira ba mom

    Nso m3mfa aduane nk)ma s)fo br3 a wokunu da k)m

    Been saved is not about the kinda tite you pay

    Open doors to your wealth not the Heaven's gate

    Wotua wo tite sen da Baker,na wakomam woy3 sena wombu woy)nko nipa a ibi time you waste

    Guy 2: Meky3 me s)fo akok) a do I get reward of hen?

    Phrimpong: You will not if u do it for the applaudes of men

    Wogye wodin w) nipa aniso na Nyame nnim woa

    Nipa tiew ky3n nnwom nso Nyame mmfii woa

    Y3sos) woso towok)soro nipa hu wo mono kotow koraa wad)y3 ns) Nyame ani da

    Guy 2: Okay tell us how do we notice all the best teachings?

    Phrimpong: Time is up let's discuss it in the next meeting.

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