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    Lyrics: New Guy by Sarkodie feat. Ace Hood

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 16 June 2015 13:37| 1 Comments

    Song: New Guy
    Artiste: Sarkodie ft. Ace Hood
    Sarkcess Music

    I’m the new guy

    I made it from the slums back in Africa where most of my niggas committed suicide

    Every story got a two-side

    T-shirt tryna make it to the suit and tie

    You know a nigga gotta survive, it’s do or die

    We gotta make it and it’s really up to you and I

    Started from the bottom, nigga really did a lot

    So tell me who am I?

    Obi su frɛ ne Nyame na boys ngyina hɔ

    Nti yɛ a mo ma m’asum ndwo me na me pɛ m’anim akɔ

    M’apromise me fans sɛ kanea na a ɛwɔ m’akyi n’asɔ

    Sɛnea me yɛ ne daa no T.B Joshua yɛ ne synagogue

    M’arappe ama me jacket akyi ayɛ duduudu, n’akyi n’afɔ

    ɛfam awo, nan so still a metwɛn ama nsuo n’atɔ

    Rappers ɛnmovie me nowadays, shutouts to Senavoe

    Rap no firi m’anum, pagagagagaga. sɛ teabɔfrɛ

    M’aspeedie flow no from kilo to tonnes

    Rap firi America but it truly belongs to the blacks, so I’m free to curse on a song

    Fuck around with me na me de spanner bɛchukie wo lungs

    Hwan na se rap nyɛ den, we started from 97

    ɛtɔ da bi a anadwo 11

    Me ne m’adamfo bi Kevin

    Me no no we be disturbing the neighbourhood, Tema community 9

    Still a me me hu me hood no heaven

    Rap no vim ne wom

    Starte me track ne mmom

    Checke me stamp ne bom

    Droppe me Sark no nnwom

    Na sette me trap no bio

    Obidi style nni dwom

    Dawge na time nni krom. uh

    24/7 yɛde me rap no bɔ akutia

    I no bore cos it comes with it

    Came from the ghetto, deɛn na mo bɛ kyerɛ me

    Me yɛ pabene, my people dey call me Obidiponbidi



    That's why I wake up every morning

    I grind, stand up and sun down

    Wake up knowing that people expect me to lead ‘em to a win

    When times is tough they look at me for answers

    Hoping I can lift ‘em off from their fears and progress

    So I grind, Sunday to Monday

    I’m that new guy


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