Did Abodam lose out?

    Photo: Ghana Music.comSo what in the name of goodness could have persuaded Kwaw Kesse to forego his performance at the MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain (MAMA) in favour of the Zain 026 Experience concert? ‘Madness’? I don’t think so! Perhaps the money was too good to refuse. Watch Odiem by Kwaw Kese

    Kwaw Kesse was initially billed to perform at the MAMA in Abuja on Saturday November 22 but rather chose to stay home for the other Zain sponsored event. The MAMA which will premiere on MTV Base, November 29 will also air on all MTV networks around the world (at least that’s what Alison Reid, Head of Communications for MTV says).

    The benefits of such an exposure to Kwaw Kesse’s career cannot be overemphasized or bought with all the Zain millions. Not forgetting that he was also nominated for best New Artist…of course we all knew he wasn’t going to win that when the likes of Naeto C, who understands the business of showbiz was also on the list.


    Why Ghanaian musicians will continue to slip down the deep trenches of poverty

    Photo: Ghana Music.comMusic has been tagged “an international language”, a cultural instrument often used at festivals, funerals, dances, dinners, parties, weddings and political rallies.

    Music also adds spice to life, is considered food for love and the philosopher’s companion.

    The canary bird for example is usually caught and caged because of its melodious music; dogs have some kind of music that indicates that they are on heat. Music can be used for wooing and marriage.


    Abrabo’s reflections on A Plus “Letter To The West”

    Photo: chilloutghana.com“A Plus paaaaa……is he a musician or a social activist??? The guy just dey ‘ruuuusssh’!!!” I looked at my friend amusingly and simply muttered, he is a conscience hip life musician and if you don’t get that…well…you never will. I am into conscience music, it doesn’t matter the genre…there must be a message worth the attention of my ears.

    Frankly, I believe that music should always have a progressive message that reflects the social issues of our times and not just self-absorbing gibberish!!! I know a lot my readers may disagree with me but hey that isn’t going to change my swagger.

    So, it was a refreshing and lovely experience when I first heard and watched A Plus’ new single “Letter to the West”. By the way the video is amazing thanks to the absolutely magnificent “Phamous People”. Before I delve into the apparent politics of the song…let me give you a brief musical background of the man popularly known as “A Plus”.


    Entertainment on television

    Photo: Ghana Music.comIf it was by mere accident that entertainment oriented television in Ghana have been very competitive in terms of professionalism, quality of delivery, content as well as presentation, then television viewers need more of such accidents considering how great and nice it feels sitting behind a tv set enjoying any of such programmes.

    No one can dispute the fact that, the producers of 4Syte TV on TV3, Allo Tigo on Metro TV, Rhythms and Sound City on GTV are doing a pretty good job bringing television fans up to date visuals of entertainment news, events, personalities, new music videos and to an extent live DJ-ing.

    In fact, the variety of such programmes have created options for fans of such shows and this is where the inspiration for hard work of the various producers lies always wanting to be on the number one spot of viewers.


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