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    MUSIGA has entertainment lawyers to execute justice

    by Osarfo Anthony, flexghana.com
    posted Sunday, 03 March 2013 17:54| 0 Comments

    As part of its welfare package for  members who are mostly musicians, the musicians union of Ghana MUSIGA has an entertainment lawyer to defend any of its aggrieved members.

    Musicians over the years have been unfairly treated by event organizers, corporate bodies, event promoters, the media, political parties, fans and even their own managers.


    These unfair treatment meted out against musicians includes but not limited to: political parties using musicians songs for their political campaigns without the musicians permission or the former paying any fee to the latter, event organizers hiring musicians to perform at their shows without paying them the balance of their fees, sometimes fans lynch musicians for unjust causes.

    Event promoters using musicians images to promote events without the knowledge of the musician or formal contractual agreement with the musician, media who publish libels or defamatory stories about musicians, corporate bodies who use musicians songs for their commercials without paying any royalties to the musicians, amongst others. Almost all musicians in Ghana have one way or the other been through some of the above ordeals.

    Typical in our industry, each time the musicians are needlessly aggrieved, comments we usually hear are; I will sue them, I will take them to court, they will hear from our lawyers, and the like. After that, case close; all because our musicians don't have the money to hire lawyers to lead them to court. For how long should this go on? For how long should our musicians be taken for granted all because most of them are cash constraint to contest unfair treatments meted against them in court for justice?

    It is in the face of all these unfair treatments against musicians without any succor that caused the visionary Bice 'Obour' Osei Kufour, the president of the musicians union of Ghana, MUSIGA and his team, as part of their 'Ajumapa' welfare package for its members who are mostly musicians, contracted an entertainment lawyer to defend aggrieved musicians in court - be it criminal or civil cases.

    Speaking to Obour, he vouched, 'we have professional lawyers who understand our arts industry and shall represent our members anytime any of them are in trouble or are unfairly treated or aggrieved by third parties. Legal representation to musicians in court is no more going to be a wahala for all good-standing members.'

    This is good news for musicians, but the key words in the president's assurance message were 'all good-standing members.' It means if you are not yet a member of MUSIGA but you are a musician, the time is now. Nonetheless, only cases pertaining to the music career of the musicians shall warrant legal representation assistance from the union. All personal life orchestrations or activities of the musician which puts him/her into umbrages are exceptions to this MUSIGA welfare package.

    All musicians are hereby encouraged to register with MUSIGA in order to benefit from this legal help as well as other equally yummy welfare packages from Obour and his team. Obour nie, Ajumapa nie! Keep soaring. Until then…..MOTWUM!!


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