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    Where are they? Ghanaian musicians who once rocked!!!

    by MAWULI POMARY, vibeghana.com
    posted Sunday, 15 January 2012 21:01| 3 Comments

    If music is the food of the soul, then the musicians are the farmers who cultivate the food. Sometimes farmers have bad seasons whiles others are blessed with consistent bumper harvests. Ghana music has witnessed the noisy entry and unannounced exit of some musicians who deserve mention.

    MAWULI POMARY, just like many other showbiz pundits would want to know the whereabouts of some of the people who once rocked our stages….WHERE ARE THEY?

    AKATAKYIE were first to run through my showbiz brains when the idea of this article was conceived.

    The once vibrant duo better known for their hit ‘Odo Sisimi’ will not respond if the roll call is called today not because they are dead but because nothing has been heard of then in a while.

    One other duo of their time ‘ANTWI NE ANTWI’ who were believed to be relatives to KOJO ANTWI( Mr. Music Man) also made hits like ‘sekina’ and ‘congo soldier’.They couldn’t survive the game probably due to the fact their style was not original but that of Nigeria and other francophone countries.

    NATTY BORAX of ‘asie ho’ fame came into the limelight obviously because he featured Daddy Lumba on the song.The Intelligent artiste went into hiding and later came back with a song for orphans ‘Odo’ and then went back. We hope he comes someday but as at now the 31-year old man born Nat Larbi is nowhere to be found.

    If there is one song that defined dancing in Ghana in 2003 just like the azonto craze,then it is ‘Zaaza’ by Kokoveli.This is a song that secured airtime on National Television once just for it to be taught.He will be remembered for his collaboration with Samini (then BATMAN) and K.K Fosu on the ‘Sudwe’ song. Fast forward into modern day hiplife and You wont find Kokoveli. So I ask again,Where is HE? Maybe we should ask Bola Ray ,his manager when he was at the peak of his career.

    Over the years it has been asserted that upon winning the artiste of the year award,a musician goes into hiatus. I somehow agree to an extent although it does not hold in many cases. But that has been the issue in the case of Kontihene.

    His debut song which was an instant hit ‘aketesea’ surely introduced the Jama kind of music into hiplife. As a one time artiste of the year and the first hiplife act to feature on Kojo Antwi’s song ‘Me die ne woa’,much was expected of him but Where is he?

    Much hasn’t been heard of Bolly of ‘kiss your bride fame’, Where is he?

    ‘Yefri Tuobodom’-the capital town ni jinijin,am sure you would like to continue from where i stopped but mind you it is one of the most controversial songs of all time and look around before you sing. Nkasei just like many aforementioned enjoyed stardom only for a while.They topped the music charts and caught the attention of no less a person than the queen-mother of Tuobodom.Their style of dressing depicted old school dressing.They later released another hit ‘new girl in town’ and left unceremoniously. So where are they?

    There are a few more who had their time in the industry but just for a while.The likes of Reggie Rockstone,Obrafour,Okyeame Kwame,Samini,Tic Tac ,Kwaw Kese and many more have survived the game and are still holding it down.Big ups to you all.As usual, MAWULI POMARY takes you down the memory lane and serves you with a list of musicians we would love to grace our Stages one more Time.

    They are nowhere to be found so I ask again,WHERE ARE THEY???

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