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    Top 10 artistes in Ghana with swag

    by Quame Junior
    posted Thursday, 20 January 2011 19:25| 0 Comments

    2010 was a spectacular year full of activities from January down to December, artiste flaunting their finesse and swag on major platforms all year round. Celebrity publicist, Quame Junior compiles a list of the top 10 artiste who displayed exceptional swag consistently throughout the year 2010.

    1. PROMZY: Starting up on first position is a member of the group VIP, PROMZY. He was simply on point all year, whether at private parties, casual engagement or major performances, he had it all capped.

    2. EAZZY: Best Female artiste of the year 2010 by all standards both by performance and success of songs. Making it at number two on the list.

    3. SARKODIE: Coming up at number three is Artiste of the year at the just ended Ghana Music Award, simply enthralling.

    4. PAEDAE: Some call him the boss of all bosses. When you are looking for him, you might probably find him at the refuse to be broke office. Paedae coming up at number four.

    5. PAPI: Their hit song "Move Back" seems to spur a lot of controversy but his swag cannot be affected. Papi crunching the fifth position.

    6. CAPTAIN PLANET: He is very fond of calling out names of girls in most of his rap lines but his swag seems to be an independent variable. Captain Planet of 4X4 fame.

    7. EFYAH: She was undeniably the best life performer in the year 2010. Her unique taste of fashion put her on the seventh position on the list, truly confirming the transition from Jane to Efyah.

    8. TINNY: He represented Ghana and the Ga people in the first ever Africa B.E.T Cypher. His swag predominantly a part of his image. Tinny at number eight.

    9. ASEM: 'Fylla' capped the headlines in the latter part of the year bur his swag has been a part of him all through his career.

    10. JON GERMAIN: Landing his first ever live performance alongside music maestro Kojo Antwi in December. Jon Germain is definetely a force to reckon with when it comes to swag. At number ten is the Allo Tigo anchor.

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