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    George William Dickson again

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 04 February 2014 00:20| 0 Comments

    It’s very strange how this world can be, though not unexpected. For people you once trusted and devoted your time, energy and resources to help project and enhance their image and well-being in this life openly, to turn around secretly and be planning how to drain the very life you have been using to sacrifice for them away from you.

    Yet, at the same time making, it `looks as though they have you at heart and even prepared to die defending or fighting for your course.

    I have been searching through myself to find where I actually went wrong though as human, am not assuming divinity to say I am infallible.

    Howbeit, I also believe that as a man who by the grace of God have paid my due in life as per the number of years the good lord has graciously granted me so far, which He will continually do.

    I have principles, ideologies and a philosophy coupled with the fear of God guiding my life.

    I have been in the music industry since I was 16 years of age and for the past 33 years to this present day been very actively involved in the creating, performing as well as helped to develop the art of music in general both locally and international. Joining the musical body as a union at a tender age to me, was not only a privilege rather, a God given opportunity, challenge and responsibility to use my endowment to serve my generation. This to the best of my knowledge and ability has been done selflessly so far.

    My recent resignation and fall out from MUSIGA, has offered me the opportunity to learn a very useful lesson in the school of life of the true characters and nature of people who until now, were perceived to be very endearing.

    Being a man, I have on many occasion been reduced nearly to tears when I hear the kind of comments and the reasons attached to such comments and the very people from whom these comments has been coming and bringing to memory, how I have toiled at my peril, denying myself and at times my family the pleasures of enjoying the fruit of my hard earn labor using that to uplift others at the expense of them, since my resignation from the union and as if that was even not enough the current false allegation and defamation of my person, I wonder if it was these same people who use to sing my praise songs only a few months ago as being an asset to the union not only in the central region where I held the position as the regional chairman till I resigned, but was also on many occasions equally commended by the national executives even including the president as being vibrant, resourceful, innovative, well informed and a level headed person to have and to work with.

    What precipitated this press conference, is what I may term as a misguided and ill intended attempt by a group of people whom am careful not to call my friends for now and maybe for a very long time within the union, whose agenda I can’t pre-empts but from the look of things is only bent on tarnishing my reputation which I did not built overnight nor on a silver platter.

    Its evidently clear that after failing to distract my focus regarding my new vision and purpose with the new association being MUDAG, which is also an affiliate of the music council of Ghana, the last resort is like when a wicked intention to kill a dog fails, you only have to give it a bad name so you can eventually hang it.

    The characters behind this character assassination of my person has now resolved to tag me with financial malpractice while in office as the chairman, this is a sickening joke, to hear that Mrs. Lawrencia Entsuah Boako, who until my resignation was my regional secretary, a position she is still holding has even added her voice of not knowing how much monies from unions branch accounts ended in my pockets without her knowledge. I wonder how I can bring myself to believe, when she even comes out as usual to say she has said nothing of the sort.

    Since the same person came to our meeting, MUDAG to be precise on the 6th of  August, 2013 to formally and personally apologize to me in the presence of many witnesses for a derogatory comment and a lie she made on a Happy FM, an Accra radio station on the 3rd of August only a few days after she had come to visit me at my office in Agona Swedru on 1st of August 2013 and during conversation had even requested that I should try to help her secure a position in the music council as their central regional secretary, these are some of the wonderful humans I had and called dear friends.

    I wouldn’t want to go any further to unfortunately sound personal though I may have the liberty of doing so, after all I did not resign because I had any personal grudge with any personality, I did so solely because I had a principle which I still standby, that is transparency, probity and accountability.

    And perhaps just like she said, she was misled in making public, a press release which she claimed, she did not go through well before passing a comment on. Realizing only after things had backfired before she came down to apologize, maybe the brain behind will be no-other than the executives of the union itself which must be critically looked at, I pray it may not. But I can’t even trust any of them at least for now, I may also presume to give them a piece of advice that I George William Dickson the former central regional chairman who is being falsely accused of financial misappropriation of illicitly contracting a loan from the unions account without using the appropriate laid down procedure and also refusing to pay back as due and for which they even threaten to seek legal redress as stated in the letter they released in the Flex Newspaper on the 24th of September 2013 and signed by the 2nd vice president of the union and the acting central regional chairman in the person of Mr. Bessa Simons together with Mrs. Lawrencia Entsuah Boako who is the regional secretary of which am yet to hear anything on, is the same person under oath not to disclose the content or proceedings and the outcome or aftermath of an emergency meeting held behind closed doors on April 9th, 2013, a meeting chaired by the current 2nd Vice president of the union himself, in the person Mr. Bessa Simmons also in the presence of the patrons who had been former executives in the persons of the immediate past president of the union Mrs. Diana Hopeson, Mr. Bice Osei Kuffuor (Obour) the current president, Alhaji Siduku Buari, a former president, Rev. Thomas Yawson and a police officer of the rank of ASP.

    I want to remind them of the biblical record of a very wicked servant who owed his master Ten Thousand Cedis but could not pay the master therefore pardoned and allowed him to go free. But as ungrateful as he was, then came out from the presence of the king thinking it was all over to proceed with his wickedness and unforgiving ways, meets a fellow servant who owed him one hundred cedis unlike in my case for reference. Caught him by the throat demanding his money without even listening to the sincere plea of this fellow servant but for the timely intervention of another servant who saw him and went to report his ungrateful behavior to the king, he would have even strangled this fellow to death for owing him only one hundred cedis whereas he owed Ten Thousand Cedis which he could not account for let alone pay.

    I have my documents to make available to every concerned body who will be interested to look into my financial status and records in both the income and expenditure during my tenure of office as chairman as compared to the handing over notes that the then outgoing chairman of the union in the person of Mr. John Victor Owusu left behind for me to continue and work with after 16 years in office. I will also like to state categorically that, if any executive member or members is found behind this undemocratic, uncultured and unnatural behavior of a colleague once, in the person of Mrs. Lawrencia Entsuah Boako and her like in the union to bring me down falsely, then that person or persons will have themselves to blame when the power of oath, I took without ceases to bind me, then all will know what has really being kept in the Pandora’s box.

    Because no one can bridle me with an oath outwardly but goes ahead to kill me softly with their fabricated potion of concocted lies as embezzling the funds in the unions account all because I have decided to move on with my life and music career on a different train which seems to be travelling on a steady direction to a definite destination. They should remember that once the elastic limit of a thing is exceeded, its original dimension can never be regained.

    And finally for Lawrencia and her allies, they are at liberty to take this piece of advice. That in this life, if you deliberately but ignorantly shoot yourself in the foot pretending you are rendering another person immobile, remember you will need that same foot to run when the time comes.

    Kindly download and read the attached report and minutes of a meeting held at Cape Coast on 26th May 2013 after I have resigned from the union and also the items in the handing over note given to me by John Victor Owusu the current National Welfare officer of the union and the immediate past Central Regional Chairman and also my pre-finances for the union in Central Region.

    Comrade George William Dickson

    (Social Worker / Musician)

    FORMER Central Regional Chairman, MUSIGA


    Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana, (MUDAG)


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