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    Top 10 Ghanaian songs reigning now

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 21 August 2013 12:11| 8 Comments

    1. Kcee – Limpopo

    2. P-Square - Personally

    3. Bandana - Dancehall king

    4. Timaya – Sexy Ladies

    5. Kwabena Kwabena feat. Samini – Adult Music

    6. Wizkid – Samba

    7. Uhuru feat. Mafikizo – Khona

    8. Jesse Jagz feat. Wizkid – Bad girl

    9. Guru – Alkayida

    10. Davido – Gobe

    At a first glance at the list you will think we made a mistake with the headline but no we did not, if we should add up the next ten songs to make it twenty we will  still the same results in terms of the turnout of Nigeria and Ghanaian music.

    The list above are songs that are having constant air play on the radio stations, streets, loaded on mobiles phones and mp3 players of musicians in every corner of the country as a result of the good production and the catchiness of the songs making it to the hearts of Ghanaians.

    The patriotism in one will let him or her disagree seriously to an extent he will rubbish the points stated above. But please relax and read further as I explain and why we find our Ghanaian artistes missing in the chart.

    It is very sad but this is the blunt truth. These are hit songs in town, and if you think am lying, just take a walk through town during the weekends. Please I will advise you don’t go to Osu Oxford street which harbours the hottest joints in town. The moment you step on the streets you will think you are in Nigeria and our Ghanaian musicians took a music break or just died. Because the only music you find yourselves listening to are naija music.

    Why?... First I used to ask myself the same question, and then I came to realize it was very simple as ABCD. Nigerians do good music, period!

    No. Am not saying our musicians do bad music. But take a close look at the list above, they have some things in common which I think make it the main reason they are there.

    They are danceable songs.

    The chorus are catchy.

    The beats are on point such that without the rap verses you could still dance to the beat.

    The bottom line is that you don’t have to go to a music school to know good music, the ears automatically knows it when it hears it.

    And the most painful part of all of this is that the popular musics who are supposed to represent us on the international platforms are doing the worst kind of music.

    Music stars such as:


    Kwaw Kese










    These artistes listed above used to serve the Ghanaian public with good music that kept us happy and our dancing feet taping but are now all missing in action. Either they have taking a music break or are producing music you can’t  play anywhere not even at funerals.

    Example this year, Sarkodie dropped 'Original', Kwaw Kese - 'Demus', Samini – 'Pink Sheet', and the rest followed with non-danceable songs.

    Question? Apart from listening to the songs for punch lines and humor where again can you listen and enjoy recent songs from Sarkodie, Kwaw Kese ,Samini, Asem and Becca? At a party,  fashion show, naming ceremony, night clubs or JSH and SSS final exams jams? Noooooooo. Not even at a funerals.

    You think about lying? Try dancing with any of Sakodie's 2013 songs or Samini's; 'Pink Sheet'. I thought as much, not even azonto or Alkayida songs can help. That’s why Nigeria artistes are always booked for most of our big shows because they provide songs you can enjoy and dance to, and some cases too perform more than our artist.

    The funny thing about this is, while our local artistes are seriously beefing over who is the best, who is the street king and other stuffs that has nothing to do with producing quality music.

    Nigerian artistes are more united as an ant colony, producing good quality music, playing every major show worldwide, making more money  and are in control of our radio and streets.

    Most of the time I wonder if is just that our artistes that do not listen to the managers or team members because sometimes even from outside its clear the artist is doing the wrong music, you still find the manager behind him or her promoting this music.

    And in the case of Sarkodie, Sammy Forson, you better do the talking, because Sarkodie is losing it, both style, content and even type of song he releases nowadays.

    I will be dwelling on branding and artistes investing their songs and music videos soon.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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