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    Are Ghanaians promoting indiscipline in the music industry?

    by Nana Kwesi-GHLive.Com
    posted Monday, 15 July 2013 12:24| 0 Comments

    At the just gone by Vodafone music awards 2013, Bandana aka Shatta Wale, who lost the Reggae Dancehall artist of the year award to Kaakie (whether planned or not) lost his temper at the event grounds, misbehaved, had to be detained, and later escorted out of the premises where the VGMA13 event was being held.

    He continued his tantrums on the social media and even released a diss track to the event organizer, Charter House. This got him massive attention from all corners of the music industry and the public as a whole.

    Two months down the line, Bandana is the most famous artist (arguably) in the country with his music trending all over the country.

    It will also be recalled that some other artists in this country have disrespect event organizers and in the extreme case of Kwaw Kesse, who went to the extreme of rejecting a plaque from the formal president, J. A. Kufuor, got the nation’s attention as a result of the negative publicity, and later used the publicity to promote his music and won more awards from the same people or event organizers he disrespected.

    Other artists with the same bizarre method have ended with the same fortune, winning more awards than they deserve.

    In our African culture, we frown on bad behaviors and discourage negative behavior especially in people who serve as role models to the up and coming generation.

    If these negative behaviors are not discouraged and the perpetrators are not punished, it will become a new form of public-attention-seeking-strategy that could be used by the up and coming artist because it works.

    Just like any company will copy its competitor’s strategy because it works, the same way artists will do to ensure promotion success.

    Now the question is giving these artists who misconduct themselves attention and promoting their songs, writing articles in print and electronic media when any hush punishment to deter the rest from following...

    Are we promoting or encouraging misconduct or bad behavior on the side of the musicians or celebrities in the entertainment industry?

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