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    Was Shatta Wale (Bandana) born by a ‘man’ or he just disregards ‘V’?

    by Ama Larbie
    posted Sunday, 09 June 2013 20:12| 15 Comments

    Mention Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr. and no one can figure the face behind it but scream Shatta Wale, everybody knows it’s our one and only Shatta ‘Movement’ City leader, Bandana who always prefers ‘promoting’ and blaming co-artistes and people around him for his misfortunes instead of working on his flaws.

    Dancehall ace, Samini is one musician whose name seems to have been tattooed in Bandana’s IQ pitched to always signal him for reference and ‘accuse‘ for reasons best known to him everywhere he goes ever since they parted and Dancehall act, Iwan cannot be left out, be it in interviews or one-on-one chat with his friends and people around him.

    I won’t be surprised to know he has catalogue Dancehall Diva, Kaaki’s name as his third Dancehall rival in his IQ.

    Losing the award for Reggae/Dancehall Song of the Year to the Dancehall Diva at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Award (VGMA) which his mindset seem to be deceiving him that he didn’t need the award after all yet chose to slur her ‘V’ as if he has ever tasted or ‘Toffee Pon Tongued’ her ‘apple’ before is really eating him up to the skull.

    Nonetheless, I have been doing some in-depth thinking about his utterances to the Diva and writing from a females’ point of view, it undoubtedly seem to me that maybe a ‘man’ carried him in his womb for 9 months without discomforts or perhaps he enjoys a ‘behind’ to a ‘V’ which I never will want to believe because every male Irie believer loves ‘V’ unless I am very much mistaking. I wonder the kind of utterances he decants on his girlfriend when she offends him.

    As humans, we all have our likes, dislikes, sentiments and choice in everything hence if Kaaki is not his ‘taste’ or kind of woman; why waste those minutes to denigrate her instead of drawing proper structures to help promote and brand himself for good deals with leading companies in Ghana and beyond since his main target audience is mainly the foreign markets. Also, he must bear in mind that his target listeners who see nothing wrong with his utterances can as well betray and reject him hence the need not to ever forget his root and its culture.

    Bet me, attitudes like Bandana’s can never guarantee the corroboration of Marijuana in Ghana as every wobbly actions and utterances made by people wearing dreadlocks believed to be disciples of Rastafari Movement or people with smoking-look will always be alleged for getting too high after ‘weeding’ even when they are not.

    Quoting Empress Rita Marley, wife of late Reggae Legend, Bob Marley, from the recent documentary on the Legend, she noted that “Herb is like a sacrament and food to us, we take it for reasons not just to get higher and ‘misbehave’ but to put us to a Holy, Peaceful and Inspirational mood.”Rasta never preaches violence hence apologizing won’t kill you dear brother. I rest my case.

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